Smart Water Management

Aspra Spitia Smart Water Management - Pilot System
Aspra Spitia Smart Water Management - Pilot System

• Implement local Coverage of Fixed Wireless System based on Sigfox macro BSs • Digitalization of Water Distribution Network using Geo Radar – Confirming or Updating older maps of the network, Creating a Digital representation of the Water distribution network for modelling purposes. • Network distribution Modelling – The network includes more than 1000 water consumer homes • Develop and commission of Water measurement Analysis Software System – Monitor Water Consumption and Detect Leakages using record data with relevant data and mathematical model scenarios. • Installing Flow and Pressure Sensors and meters to monitor specific points of the distribution network. Prevent and amend leakages by creating the basis of distribution network zones. • Install Ultrasonic Water Meters with embedded Sigfox Communication modules and integrate their measurement in the Advanced Metering Software provided. • Integrate and provide access to Mathematical Models Software The project is going to run for up to 2 years for analyzing Network distribution data and Consumption trends. Conclusions derived from this pilot application would assist in scaling up the measurements points gathered in order to create an effective system for managing Water Resources in the community and driving operating costs down.

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